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Introducing Dr. Kishore

This web dialog is designed to introduce Punyamurtula S. Kishore MD, MPH, FASAM to members of the Health and Healing Mission who may not yet have met or worked with him. Doctor Kishore joined the Health and Healing Mission in 2010. He has been a pioneer in helping those suffering from opiate and other addictions and was the founding father of Preventive Medicine Associates Incorporated (PMAI). He is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and Board Certified by the recently established American Board of Addiction Medicine.

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PMAI started as a small Primary Care Medical Practice located in the Boston/Brookline area of Massachusetts. The practice was unusual because it offered treatment for addictions in addition to primary medical care. The practice grew slowly at first while pioneering the integration of addiction treatment into the primary care program.  The integrated program began to attract more patients and it was necessary to add additional practice sites to meet patient demand. The expanded program provided the full range of services available for both primary care and addiction treatment. The addiction program favored the methods of sobriety maintenance and sobriety enhancement using both behavioral and pharmacological treatment but in specific individual cases other modes of treatment were provided. When new forms of treatments for alcohol and opiates became available both orally and parenterally they were quickly adopted.

PMAI eventually grew to 52 treatment facilities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It became a significant employer during the recent economic downturn in Massachusetts, employing 370 individuals. A nonprofit entity, the National Library of Addictions , was established to further promulgate and make available to both professional and lay audiences knowledge concerning issues related to addiction. Dr.Kishore called the unique program he created the Massachusetts Primary Care Model of Addiction Treatment. He has made presentations of the Model to many Medical Groups, Conventions and interested parties both National and International.


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